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Starlight lasers G3 Pro Green Laserpointer

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G3 pro laser pointer is our most powerful laser pointer in the G-series with a visibility range off 6000 to 8000meter. You can see a clear beam in the dark and a visible point during the day. Comes ready to use with a charger, rechargeable ultra-fire 18650 battery and 2 safety keys.

Professional green G3 pro laser pointer is our strongest laser pointer in our G-series with a visiblity range off 6000-8000meter. Used a lot to scare off goose and other animals because of the wavelength of 532nM. Green laser pointers are best visible in comparison to violet and red laser pointers because green light is better visible to the human eye.

The G3 pro laser pointer comes with an universal charger, rechargeable Ultra-fire 18650 battery and 2 safety keys to keep it safe to use. With the G3 pro laser pointer you can easily shine to the stars in the dark, in the dark you will see a clear visible beam. During the day you see a clear point that you can adjust in size using the lens on top of the laser pointer.

The G3 pro laser pointer is made out of high quality and fully complies with European law.

Onder andere geschikt voor:

  • Scaring goose's / animals
  • Presentations
  • Astronomy
  • Tour guides
  • Pointing to buildings / construction work
  • Shining to the stars
  • Playing with your pet
  • Unique and cool gift
More Information
Colour Green
Output power 1mW
Wavelength 532nM
Visibility range 6000-8000 meter
Laserpointer class 2
Dimensions 15 x 2 x 2cm
Including batteries Yes (1x rechargeable 18650 battery)
Including charger Yes
Including safety keys Yes (2 pieces)
Brand Starlight lasers®
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