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We have all laser pointers in stock and ship them the same day so you receive your laser pointer very quickly. Free shipping included on all orders over £50 including track and trace, below £50 you only pay £6,95. All laser pointers come with free batteries so you can start using your laser pointer right away. Laser pointers come in different shapes and colours. We have Professional laser pointers mostly used by companies to scare off goose's. Green laser pointersare the most powerful laser pointers in comparison with red laser pointers or violet/blue laser pointers.

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    Excellent support by e-mail with knowledgeable staff members. Reaction time on average is 24 hours. Contact us and see for yourself
  • Free shipping
    All orders fit through the mailbox. You will automatically receive a tracking code in your e-mail to see the status for your order.
  • Money back guarantee
    Not fully satisfied with the product? No problem, you have 14 days to return the product and get a replacement or a full refund.

Buy green laser pointer

Green laserpointer also known as a laser pen are better visible than red laserpointers or violet laserpointers. This is because the human eye can see the color green better than violet and red. We sell different type of green laserpointers which all come with free batteries so you can start using your green laserpointer right away. We also have professional green laserpointers to scare of goose's and other animals or just to shine at the stars. Our non professional green laser pointers/laser pen is also used for presentations

Buy red laser pointer

Red laserpointer also known as a red laserpen are in comparison to green laserpointers slightly less visible to the human eye but still much more visible than violet laserpointers. Red laser pointers are often used for presentations at work or school. In the dark you can see a clearly visible beam and during daylight a clear red dot. We also have professional red laserpointers Our smaller red laserpointers come with free 2x AAA batteries and with the professional red laserpointers you get a charger, rechargeable battery and 2 safety keys so you can start using your red laserpointer right away.

Buy violet laserpointer

Violet laserpointer also known as violet laserpen. The violet laser pointers are the least visible color in comparison to red and green laserpointers but they are the most unique laserpointer. violet laserpointers are often used to play with your pet because they are not super bright. We also have professional violet laserpointers. The smaller violet laserpointers come with free 2x AAA batteries and the professional violet laser pointers come with a charger, rechargeable battery and 2 safety keys so you can start using you violet laserpen right away.

Buy professional laserpointer

Professional laserpointers also known as professional laserpennen Professional laserpointers are often bought by companies to scare of animals but also by consumers to shine at the stars or use it for presentations. The number #1 laserpointer brand Starlight lasers only sells 100% legal 1mW laserpointers across Europe which means our professional laserpointers fully comply with European law and its safe for you to use. We have a laserpointer in the colors: green, red and violet. Webshops who claim to sell 100mw laserpointers or even 1000mw laserpointers are highly illegal and dangerous to buy. As a laserpointer specialist we have done some test orders on these webshops and our output power meter shows its never 100mw or 1000mW, far less! We recommend only buying legit true 1mW laserpointers from the brand starlight lasers so you know for sure you buy safe to use laserpointers.

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